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SANTA CRUZ - bespoke unisex bomber jacket

  • Every artist experiences a period that affects their work, not that I'm saying that I'm an 'artist' but the now classic 'Hate Love' FOTD signature piece certainly denotes my bitter 'Fuck everything' phase...

    And at the same time seamlessly combines classic punk imagery and fuses typography, that's also inspired by lyrics and the feeling of passion and resentment.

    If you have read this far, thanks !!! and at the same time these pieces are inspired by nature and a beautiful colour pallette from Pantone for the AW '19 fashion week in both LDN and NYC.

    I took all this inspiration and reduced it down to 3 different pieces, all with 6 colours each into one of my favourite patterns, camoflage. Although not 'traditional' as such, but as a brand I like to give the 'StreetLuxe' edge.

    The FOTD vibe for AW '19 (and has always been) to be all inclusive...With these jackets, you will find an all encompassing range of sizes and also finishes, make it as unique as yourself.

    Each piece is handmade to order, with a choice of an excellent waterproof finish and quilted lining for the season or a sumptious duchess satin finish and satin lining for a complete streetluxe aesthetic.

    XXS to 4XL ... keep being awesome !

    * Please note that rib, collar and cuff detail is black, not dark grey.

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