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There you are, merrily shampooing your head hair. All while your bedraggled beard mopes like a wet cat. Have a heart, dear boy! Here to sate the ablutionary cravings of your man-mane is our beard wash, specially formulated with naturally nourishing goodness for the better end of your head. That feeling? Why, it’s the fair hand of Mother Nature, restoring your plumage to full lustre.

Molten Marshmallow - Beard Wash

  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Aroma: Toasted marshmallows and coconut with a glug of scotch Made using all natural ingredients – no synthetic nonsense Bicarb of soda cuts through grease and breaks down dirt Bay leaf essential oil provides a spa day for your beard, nourishing the hair, adding body and preventing flakes Moisturising argan oil deeply penetrates thirsty whiskers for root-to-tip softness Added vitamin e delivers a payload of antioxidant benefits to keep your skin healthy Apply thusly: Use as you would a normal shampoo, just aim lower Massage into your wet beard, being sure to get full coverage (avoiding contact with eyes) Don’t be alarmed at the lack of lather to slather – it’s because we don’t use synthetic chemicals Give your beard a thorough rinse and wait to dry Bask in the fondle-able splendour of your man-mane Follow with Molten Marshmallow beard oil for total gentlemanly excellence Cease use in the unlikely event of irritation All natural ingredients: Baking Soda Xantham Gum Castille Soap Coconut Oil Pure Vitamin E Argan Oil Geogard Ultra Plus essential oil blend *Argan oil is extracted from the nuts of the Argan tree, nut allergy sufferers should seek medical advice before use. £3.50 FLAT RATE U.K SHIPPING. £4.50 FLAT RATE EURO SHIPPING AS STANDARD. £6.50 FLAT RATE WORLD SHIPPING AS STANDARD. FREE UK SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER £60.00 FREE SHIPPING ON EURO ORDERS OVER £80.00 FREE SHIPPING ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS OVER £100 *SPECIAL REDUCED RATE SHIPPING ON ORDERS UNDER £10.00* £2.00 UK SHIPPING ON ORDERS UNDER £10.00 £3.00 EURO SHIPPING ON ORDERS UNDER £10.00 £4.00 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ON ORDERS UNDER £10.00
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